Amplifier Technician Apprenticeship

Our federally registered program (US Department of Labor Program Number 2023-OK-121323) helps those with little or no experience, but with electrical aptitude, enter a new career field by learning how to repair certain types of audio amplifiers (DD Audio and other brands) for our Amplifier Repair Service.


How It Works

  • You enter the program by by applying for our  Amp Repair Tech job listing  (if the link is broken, the position is closed, and thus the program is full), even if you don't meet all of the qualifications

  • If we have openings in the program, we'll interview and select candidates, who will be hired at $12/hr to work on-site at our Oklahoma City facility

  • We register those selected into the Department of Labor Apprenticeship system, officially making them an Apprentice

  • Apprentices are evaluated over a sixty-day probationary period, in accordance with our Registered Standards approved by the US Department of Labor, and those able to complete their probation have their rate increased to $14/hr

  • In addition to 3000 hours of on-the-job learning, apprentices complete 246 hours of relevant, combined classroom or online learning to supplement their skills, over the course of the18-month program

  • After one year as an Apprentice, their rate increases to $16/hr, and to $18/hr upon successful completion of the entire program

  • Apprentices that complete the program get a nationally recognized certificate from the Department of Labor and officially become Journeymen


Inexperienced apprentices start at $12/hr

Clear Probation

After 60-days, we've determined you're a good fit, and you'll start earning $14/hr

First Year

After a year, you can largely work independently, and will earn $16/hr

Program Completion

Once you've completed the program, you'll make $18/hr, more as your experience grows

Other Apprenticeship Resources

Our Apprenticeship Program Background

DD Audio started on the path of creating an apprenticeship program back in July 2020, and, with the help of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, launched the program in June 2023. See the press release for additional details.

We've always repaired DD Audio amplifiers, but in early 2022 started a pilot program repairing amplifiers of other brands, via our authorized dealer channel only. In November of 2022, we decided to open-up amplifier repair services for all brands to the public.